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Web sites

Fireworks (magazine) designs web sites that are striking, clear and unfussy - no Flash, no irritations to distract from your message. Examples of sites designed by Fireworks are the site you are seeing now; Firework-Ads and the Fireworks (magazine) website itself.

What we don't do

If you want a site to sell your fireworks, this service isn't for you. If, however, you are seeking a web presence so that you can put a website address on your literature and present your message and a smart face to the world, you need look no further. Price (see right panel) makes this possible at little cost.

If you have a collection which you wish to make available to a larger audience, e.g. Firework-Ads Fireworks service is an obvious option.

With each website comes a free banner link from the top page-ranked Fireworks (magazine) website, up to three email addresses, and regular statistics of use.

Inexpensive web design

A website costs £200 (more for large sites) plus £45 for web hosting and 3 email addresses.

Keeping up to date

If you wish to make changes through the year, a small maintenance charge will be made depending on the number of amendments.